My Personal Trainer…

My pup loves… I mean *really* loves a schedule.  My husband and I are a bit more chaotic so we all try to compromise.  Recently, I started changing my pup’s eating schedule and amounts because she was having troubles with overeating and a bit of bloat… it was several months of trial and error and some additional food to add some fiber (that the vet prescribed) and then we got her back on track.  Well, she *expects* that schedule.  And it has come to my attention that it is a very good schedule, for all of us.  I feed her 4 small meals about 3 hours apart and her last meal is around 3pm.  It turns out, that’s what my body likes too (because apparently I’m secretly 80).

So this little cutie… reminds me that it’s time to eat, because I have a habit of loosing track of time.IMG_20160822_125336--gimp_LR500

Her insistence that it is time to eat again has really helped me maintain my goals of smaller meals…and leafy greens each day…

Because she also happens to love carrots and would like them at lunch time, thank you very much. 🙂

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “My Personal Trainer…

    • Well, to be fair, only about 3 weeks ago I was tucking into cakes and cookies for comfort… so yes this is a change, but it is working and I feel sooooo much better. 😀

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