Slow Down… Breathe…

I had a bit of trouble with I’m the Diva’s weekly challenge #278 UMT (Use My Tangle)… knightstar.  It’s not that I didn’t understand it, I just didn’t seem to be able to execute it well and then would get confused while doing it.  It took me days of trial and error, I even tried out a different way of doing it.  But in the end I did it the first way… and once I sat down and committed to focusing on it, it came together.  Then I added some lettering, and some other tangles (balloya, daisy idea here, bandola), shading, and color.  I made some mistakes on balloya and resorted to using white out (yes I know, it’s cheating, I should have just gone with it)… in the end I’m not sure if I was just trying to hard, not listening to the tile’s advice.


Until next time…

P.S.  trial and error…


24 thoughts on “Slow Down… Breathe…

    • Thanks so much, Sue! 😀 There is definite evidence of my frustration with those scribbles on the trial and error page, haha. 😀

    • The kit would be great, don’t get me wrong… but if you really just want to jump in and see how it is, I really do suggest going online and searching for Zentangle, look at images, find tangle pattern step outs that look neat to you… practice on paper with a black pen… you can add all the fancy color and shading later. Just jump in with both feet! 😀

    • You are right, Annemarie, I *am* to hard on myself, I’m working on it though (trying to practice self-love). Thanks for the wonderful encouragement. 😀

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