From the Everyone Has to Start Somewhere Collection…

Rajiv and I have been chatting back and forth about Zentangle.  I mentioned that when I first started to explore it, I just made random marks rather than designated tangles like I do now.  I had no idea there were so many patterns out there with step-out instructions when I first started… I just knew that it was this thing to do that was like meditation and when I tried my hand at it, my mind calmed down and I enjoyed myself. 🙂

I gave my tiles to my husband while he was traveling, 1) to have him carry some zen with him and 2) to try to inspire him to try it out too.

He doesn’t travel as much anymore he works from home now, which is awesome, and so when I asked him about those tiles he wasn’t quite sure where he had placed them, he just knew that they were in a safe place.  Yesterday, he found some of them inside a book I had given him to take on a trip, but we both believe there are more, perhaps we’ll find them when we need to.

So, here ya go, Rajiv, some of my first zentangle tiles.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right? 😀


I wrote the dates I did them on the back… the bigger one is dated 7/7/15 and the little one is dated 7/10/15.

Until next time…

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