Trial and Error is Making a Difference…

I’m starting to get the hang of this, all the trial and error is making a difference. 😀

After the basecoat, I added some detail to the face, arms and hands with some thinned neon green, gray to the shoes, and white on the details of the sweatsuit. Then I added glaze medium to a darker green and applied in the creases of the sweatsuit. For the highlights, I added some glaze medium to a yellow for the skin, and mixed the basecoat green with some yellow and glaze medium for the ridges of the sweatsuit. Once it was all dry, I applied a fleshwash. I have one more mini in the eight zombies for the game… then if I’m feeling up to it I have those eight figures seven more times (64 minis in all).

Click to enlarge…

Until next time…

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