Me time…

I know that this blog is named Photography by Nic, not Art by Nic… but whatever, lately I am drawing more than taking pictures so just roll with it, Ok? 😀

One night I had the idea to create what I thought would look like several art tiles tossed on top of each other, then I tangled a pattern on them.  I also decided to add a Swiss cheese like effect to show the tile underneath… Enjoy…


Click to enlarge

When I was tangling, I thought I was doing Paradox (from memory), but it turns out it isn’t… it’s more like a weave pattern mixed with Paradox… I’m not sure what this pattern is called.

EDIT: I think I figured out what I was doing… it seems I combined Paradox with Hibred in my mind.

This was drawn in my Art Journal… I took a 3.5 inch square and marked out some guidelines then drew with pencil and pen.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Me time…

    • I’ve been thinking about it… I actually scanned this in, but you are right, I did choose which level of scanning (photo vs. line art, color vs. b/w, and #of dpi), but I also brought it up in GIMP to fix any exposure problems… so I guess in a way it could be viewed as still working with some of the same tools I would with photography. Either way, thank you, Nora, for your kind comments. 😀

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