Autumn Leaves & The Silly Hound…

We took some time off last week, and ended up taking turns being sick.

So I haven’t been out taking photos in awhile.

Today I finally felt up to taking a long stroll with my pup.

I was trying to figure out what to take photos of when I came upon a pile of autumn leaves.


I thought a couple of portrait shots of my pup would be nice. She sat still for a few, but then when I called her name to get her to look at me, she thought I was calling her to come to me.

Then the silliness ensued!  Check out that play bow (f/5.6 1/50s iso 100)…


I had to keep increasing the shutter speed to get her not so blurry (f/5.0 1/125s iso 400)…


I love the image of her smiling while she runs and the last image of her flying into the leaves…


Even faster shutter speed (f/4.0 1/250s iso 400)…


Ears flapping in the wind…


I love the bunny jump she does in this one…


My absolute favorite image is her smiling at me…


My favorite images are these…

happy running basset hound

happy basset hound

happy running basset hound

basset hound - blur

Until next time…

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