Puzzle, Part 2…

The puzzle probably took about a week to complete.  It was interesting to see it slowly develop into a full image.

puzzle - complete

The puzzle itself was a bit difficult, in that, the pieces were fairly similar and you would find yourself realizing that even though the piece sort of fit, the image was not quite right… so in essence that piece (or pieces) did not go there.

For the most part I was able to discern quickly that the pieces did not fit together, but I have to admit that along the edge I had a few swapped and a couple of the flower pieces wrong.  In the end, I think we put it together correctly. 🙂

puzzle - returned to box

And now it has been taken apart and put back into its box.  While I was taking the puzzle apart I was thinking about the creation and destruction of the Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala.  And how everything in life has a cycle.

Until next time…

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