Owl Watch, Owltober…

I was joking with my husband this morning that the owl watch has kinda been an Owltober for me. Owltober: Feb.20-Mar.20… a month long owl watching, documenting, and posting event… that only I know about. 🤣

For those who don’t know, I’ve been participating in Inktober for the last 6 years (since 2017), it’s a month-long drawing challenge event held each year in October, where you draw (usually with ink) and post daily.

So, I thought of Owltober, because Owlebruary or Owlarch doesn’t quite have the right ring to it.

In terms of a month-long event, 16 posts is pretty good, especially since February is our rainiest month.

This is possibly my last Owl Watch post, unless the little owlets become visible sometime in the future, because the cave they have been living in was empty on March 20.

Two days before the cave was empty, I got some nice Mama Owl portraits…

In this video, the owlets are looking pretty big, exploring the edge, and looking out…

Ok guys, that’s the last of the owl footage I have, it’s been a fun ride!

I wanted to give a little shout out to a few people… To Jenni, for showing me the cave and telling me she thought she saw something in there. To Shari, for showing so much enthusiasm that I decided to document my findings on the blog and tell people where they could see my photos and videos. And to all the people who walked by and asked what I was photographing and then being super excited to get to see the owls. You all gave me the encouragement to go out and photograph almost daily (even on days when I thought about taking the day off), just to see if I could get some cute footage. And now that the owls are gone from the cave, I’m glad I went out and checked on the owls when the weather was nice. Thank you all so much.

Until next time…


note to self: 2023-03-18-3910-3927-3937-3916

2 thoughts on “Owl Watch, Owltober…

  1. Your blog and photos have given the community and me so much joy. Your photos, film, and blog are beautiful. Spring is here! Get ready for the deer, bunnies, quail, possum, hummingbirds, and possibly our coyote and the babies. I am also still looking for the Bobcat. I am sure you will capture beautiful moments to share soon. Thank you for sharing your talent and art form with all of us.

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