Owl Watch, File Cleanup & Found Videos…

I had to spend some time the last few days cleaning up and culling my photos and videos because I was running out of room. Plus there is no reason to hang on to bad/blurry photos, when I have really good photos that I don’t want to get lost in the mix. Anyway, I came across 4 videos from March 2, that I didn’t post. So I combined them and then cut out the boring parts.

I really like when the little owlet pokes their head out of Mama Owl’s back feathers. I also think it’s interesting to watch Mama Owl keep her eye on the skies, I think that day there were two really big birds flying around the valley that she was keeping an eye on. It’s also really interesting to see just how much the owlets have grown in such a short amount of time, they look soooo little here… Enjoy…

Until next time…


note to self: 2023-03-02-2601-2609-2653-2654

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