Owl Watch, More Owlet Sightings…

Mama Owl spent most of the time I was watching with her back to me, I was able to get these two photos of the owlets and this little movie… Enjoy…

In this video, you can see an owlet wing shoot out of Mama Owl’s chest for a second, and near the end of the video you can see an owlet head under her… mostly you can just see Mama Owl trying to contain the little owlets under her…

I spoke to more neighbors and they said that they’ve seen an owl in that cave a few years ago, is it the same owl? We don’t know, but it’s interesting to know that this little cave is a known owl nest. We are all excited to watch the owlets grow up and learn to fly.

Until next time…


note to self: 2023-03-03-2672,2741,2743

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