Inktober 2022, Day 1…

For the first day of Inktober, I wanted to test out my old dip ink from previous Intobers, the one on the Left was done with a much older ink, and it was a little too thick, and I had a lot of trouble with it, including a few accidental splatters… I think the determined face of the fish is reflective of my determination to draw that fish. The one on the Right, was done with a different brand that wasn’t as old, but took much longer to dry. Both are done on Arnhem 100% Cotton paper.

I plan to watercolor these, but will have to be careful, as the Arnhem paper pills with too much water and agitation.

These fish are similar to a recent lesson where we drew fish with Zentangle tangles, my muse was really happy, especially when we then colored/shaded with watercolor.

Until next time


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