I’m still here…

August is almost over and the last time I posted was January, sheesh. Well, both a lot and not a lot has happened in the last 7 months. Time has a way of slipping past me very quickly lately. So let’s see…

I have still been drawing, and we moved. I keep thinking of letting this blog go and then I’ll need to reference something and have found that this is really a great photo diary and helps me find the original picture in my files. So I guess even if no one is still out there reading this, it’ll be for me.


Last we left off in January, oh right, Penny needed surgery. She had a bump that grew and then needed removing, she got lots of stitches, but she’s a trooper and healed up right away.

Art wise, I was learning a tangle called Rozhki in my online zoom classes given by Eni Oken (Eni Oken’s Art Club).

I think Penny took up quite a bit of my time in January, because I don’t have a lot of artwork from that time period. I have some random pictures of drawing on cups and a photo of a flower I saw on a walk, but not much else.

I do have more pup pics though, so enjoy…

Ok, that catches us up for January… next post February catch-up.

Until next time…


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