Straight Lines…

Every year, I tell myself this Inktober I’m gonna make this a doable daily habit that I can accomplish in the months/years to come. Every Inktober, I jump in with both feet and ignore all my other duties. Invariably, I get overwhelmed near the end of the month and struggle to complete the challenge. Every November, I’m burnt out and I have an asston of work I’ve neglected and is now on fire.

This year was slightly different, I tried to pace myself better, tried not to make my goals too lofty. But then, I got some new hardwear which ran on a different OS and suddenly I was consumed with trying to figure out the new stuff while still trying to draw daily. Ugh… so once November hit, you guess it, I was burnt out and my assload of duties were on fire.

I’m starting to feel like I have a handle on my days again. I still have way too much on my todo list. But I am finding a bit of time to draw again.

Our Zentangle class has switched to biweekly drawing, alternating with Q&A on the other weeks… so we don’t draw together as often. This week’s lesson was on straight line tangles… Here’s my tile from class…

This one I did on my own, and really tried to push the darks…

The next one I started on procreate, and it kinda got away from me, heh. The thing about working digitally is that it’s VERY easy to zoom in and then later you realize how much shading you made for yourself. So even though I created a 3.5in-square tile in procreate, I set the dpi to 300, so that if I wanted to print it later it would work out… but that gave me A LOT of pixels to work with, heh…. I’m STILL working on shading the spiral parts, the whole thing is taking awhile… these are 5 days apart, heh. Granted I did change my mind on the method a bit, but it does take some time to fill in all the shading. It’s getting there though, and I’m liking it!

Ok… lemme see if I can find some pup pics… that’s why you are really here…

Duke is asking for access to the sun and balcony. Penny feet. And the last two, is the ‘pit’ — a collection of our old pillows that they love to sleep on. Don’t worry there are several (thousand, it seems) dog beds around the house. There are at least two in each room, some have three, because why wouldn’t we have every surface covered in dog beds?

I need to get back to my asston of todos that are on fire. Until next time…


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