Inktober 2021 Days 21-31…

Hey guys!

Inktober was sidelined by life so I’m a little behind. I was able to draw the rest of the prompts, not quite the way I thought I would, but as usual, I just let my muse have her way. I’m still working to finish several of these and the ones from earlier in the month… I’ll post them as I’m finished. But for now here are the last 11 prompts, for these I opted to put several on one drawing. Enjoy!

Again, here are the prompts I used.

Days 17-18 & 21-22 ecstatic, moonpie, oof, paradisium
Days 23-27 ple-a, zigoli, round square, dex, trelina
Days 28-31 effie, treeleaf, tabs, eke

Things are crazy here behind the scenes, I feel like a dropped and broken snow globe, all my stuff is scattered to the floor and spreading out like water. But I’m slowly getting it contained. I’ll post again soon.

Until next time…


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