Inktober 2021 Days 8-20…

Hey guys!

So it’s been a little crazy around here, so drawing sometimes doesn’t happen. I’m trying not to get overwhelmed. Some days, I was still working on a drawing and decided that the next tangle would work well in that drawing as well. So this week I have several tangles per drawing. All of them are unfinished, shading and coloring takes time… hopefully I’ll return to them to finish one day. Mostly it’s fun trying out a new tangle while reinforcing my techniques on Procreate each day. Enjoy!

Again, here are the prompts I’m using…

Day 8 – zenith
Days 9-12 – xac-hirari-fengle-yumemi
Days 13-16 – spines-cknots-ing-moonesque
Days 17-18 – ecstatic-moonpie
Days 19-20 – oopsmi-oysteroid

Behind the scenes, I’m switching from an Android phone to an iOS phone… it’s like moving and decluttering at the same time. It’s exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, but something I want to do. So my time is being eaten up by that stuff, which means less time to draw. Drawing is the zen after the crazy of trying to remember all the apps that I want to switch over, the passwords, and all that stuff that goes with reinstalling an app (but on a different device that uses a different OS – so now it looks and acts differently) – you know, fun times!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to! Just 11 more days of Inktober! Woo, I made it 20 days, yeah me!!!

Until next time…


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