Inktober 2021 Days 1-7…

Hey guys! For Inktober this year I wasn’t sure which direction I would go. Artsnacks did not do a Inktober box this year, not that I really needed new supplies, it’s just fun to get new stuff. Last year I tried to do too much and wasn’t able to keep up with a daily draw & post.

This year, I just kind of fell into drawing and let my muse move me forward. Not feeling the pressure to post everyday has allowed me to take my time with each drawing and complete it in my own time. Most of these took the whole day… in fact, I’m still working on day 5. Each day I’m using the Inktober 2021 Zentangle daily prompt and then letting my muse have fun.

Day 1 – Lunar Flux
Day 2 – Naaki
Day 3 – Dewd
Day 4 – Whipdcreem
Day 5 – Ayame (work in progress)
Day 6 – Brrrst
Day 7 – Morriseau

Until next time… ~nic

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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