So Much Learning! … (Shelter in Place: Day 443)…

Hey guys! Quite a bit has happened since my last post. So let’s get started with this show and tell! 🙂


We had one more week of white-carvings

We started a new class with brush pens, So Much Fun! …

Flash Cards

Remember when I was drawing nouns so that I could remember the gender of the word in German and Spanish? Well, I decided to make them into flash cards…

Illustration Class

And then because I didn’t have enough on my plate, I decided to enroll in a ten-week Illustration online course. In addition, I wanted to play around with Procreate… which is only available on iPad… I am an android user…. Soooooo … yep, we succumbed and bought two iPads (one for him, one for me). It’s our first Apple product EVER… it is so alien to us. So my mind is now full of all kinds of new stuff… heh, I’m also having to learn how to use Procreate. But so far it’s great… I’ve tried several products to get a draw-on-able tablet that I could sketch on… and they all had big draw backs that always sent me back to my desktop/wacom. So far the iPad is doing great.

Ok… so the class I enrolled in is called Children’s Book Pro and it’s from the same guys as Society of Visual Storytellers, which I’ve been a subscriber to those classes for quite awhile and have been learning at my own pace and enjoying their classes. CBPro is a new endeavour, and it’s really exciting to see this as it’s being built and maneuvered to fit our suggestions. Anyway, I am still working on my homework, because 1. I am a bit of a slow drawer/colorist and 2. I’m learning new hardware and software while I’m drawing.

So our first assignment was to pick three children’s books that we like. I picked “Invisible Emmie”, “We Are (Not) Friends”, and “Miss Nelson is Missing”. Then we are supposed to do some master copies. So far I have completed master copies of two characters and I’m starting on the third…

Procreate has a really cool time-lapse videos… but the “Invisible Emmie” was done vertically, so it seems gigantic on this post. And “We Are (Not) Friends” was taken out of Procreate to Photoshop where I drew with a colored pencil looking brush, and then back to Procreate for the outline line art, so it’s two videos. Basically, I’m still learning and figuring out this stuff. And I still have more homework to do, so I don’t really have anymore time today to figure it out for this post. Maybe I’ll figure it out for a future post.

I don’t remember if I wanted to show anything else… but I’ve got homework to do.

Have a great day everyone!

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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