Blast from the Past… (Shelter in Place: Day 421)…

This month we are celebrating our first dog’s birthday, “Floofy”. He passed away in 2008, but we still celebrate his birthday every year. He would have been 27 this month, if dogs lived that long. I keep redoing the math, because holy crap, 27 years! I was going thru old photos from 1994, and wow we were just babies in those photos! Actually, we were in our 20s but wow do we look young. Anyway, enjoy the little collage of our first dog together, he’s a cutie. Happy Birthday, Floofy! …

I originally had the idea to make a collage of all our Basset Hounds, past and present, but 1. ran out of time and 2. decided that this was Floofy’s month.

I’ll create a post soon of recent artwork and possibly photos soon. But it’s late and I’ve run out of time today.

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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