Vertigo… (Shelter in Place: Day 349)…

Hey guys!

I don’t have much to show & tell today… I’ve been feeling vertigo for nearly a week, it seems to be just part of my perimenopausal fun-times, most likely it’ll fade once the next hormonal surge rages through me. I think of it like a clogged sprinkler… sometimes I get too much hormone, sometimes less than I’m used to… and fun-times ensue. This weekend, I was so wiped out and I slept most of it. I started taking iron supplements just in case it might help. I’ve also been taking naps when I feel exhausted, in hopes that I’ll eventually feel like myself again. Anyway, all this to say I haven’t been as productive this week, but that’s ok. As much as it sucks, I know that it is just part of how my body is dealing with the change. I keep reminding myself that I’ve been here before and it went away eventually. Kind of like remembering the light in dark times.

So last Friday, we started working on single-pen hatching. I love the look of hatching, but haven’t found a confidence in my own work. So I’m very happy to get more knowledge and practice on the subject. We made a sampler of our various pens to see how they would make dark, medium, and light marks on our paper so that we could find a suitable pen… then we played around with various hatch marks. That surprisingly took 2 hours!

I practiced a bit on my own after class…

Tomorrow we should start more hatching on actual tangle patterns, I’m excited to go to class tomorrow! 😀

Let’s see… oh I did manage to continue my RPG-daily-tasks game (habitica)… I had my character spend the night in the tavern one night because I had no energy that day, but overall, I’m still keeping up… I am giving myself a bit of leeway and push tasks off when I know there is just no way to complete them due to feeling out of sorts. I finally managed to finish the quest I was on and earned some gear to wear. I was also able to find food to turn some of my pets into mounts [skeleton panda, purple flying pig, and white wolf]…

Once I get a mount, I start a new pet of that color so that when I find that kind of food I can feed a pet…

I found some cute photos of the pups, enjoy…

What?! It’s 5:15??!! Crap, I haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner… I better go look in the kitchen, heh. See you next week?

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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