Taking a Break from Doom Scrolling… (Shelter in Place: Day 300)…

Ugh today I feel like this… Is anyone else’s mind breaking and feel the need to reorganize these colored pencils?

In an effort to reduce my Doom Scrolling the last few days, I’ve been either cooking or color shading…

Part 3 of Eni Oken’s Color Shading series is tomorrow, so I’ve been practicing. I drew a Zentangle using the tangles: Rixty, Hollibaugh, Shattuck, and Ravel… but then I was overwhelmed and a bit stuck with which colors to choose. Someone in class last week mentioned that there was a clue to how Eni chooses colors in our practice materials. Eni has given us a color wheel and then she also showed which colors she used for various samples…

color wheel

I recreated her mix with my pencils, it looked good (see top left), I tried six more experiments using that secret decoder ring… and I didn’t like them.  So I decided to try my own secret decoder ring (top right) and really liked the blue one… so I made five more experiments (middle left) and decided that I liked my secret decoder ring better.  Of the six experiments, I liked the blue one best so I tried the tangles with that color set (middle right).  I really liked it and finally felt confident enough to color shade my zentangle (bottom left).  I really liked the Rixty tangle in this color shading, so I decided to be a bit more organized in my set selection choosing a base color and an intruder -> then inverting them (bottom right). [click to enlarge]

It was a fun experiment, kept me from Doom Scrolling, and I feel more prepared for tomorrow’s class. 🙂

Here’s a close up of the zentangle…

Also, I could NOT function until I organized those colored pencils… *inhale* ahhhh that’s better….

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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