Wow It’s Already December!?! … (Shelter in Place: Day 263)…

November’s Mood:

Hey guys!

I think I overdid it in October… November ended up being a recovery month. You know how when you go on vacation at a great art retreat for a month doing drawings (read:Inktober) and then when you get home you look at all the things that have piled up (read:chores,emails,etc.) while you were away? Yeah, that’s what November ended up being. I’m just now getting my head out from under the pile.

I was able to attend two zentangle classes but passed on the third in November, I’ll post those images soon. I did a total of four tiles all month and no other drawings, so yeah, a bit swamped with behind the scenes stuff.

Anyhoo, enjoy these photos of Penny (nose under blanket) and Duke (spit bubble).

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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