Inktober 2020… It still counts as Inking! (Shelter in Place: Day 226)…

Hey guys!

The day before yesterday was odd… I kept preparing to draw, but then didn’t… I kept doing other things, so I decided perhaps that was a cue that I needed to take the day off from drawing. Instead, I made a little sculpture with molding clay of Kevin’s head. 🙂 I found a molding clay that air-dries in 24 hours. I’ve never sculpted before and the medium was a bit different from the kneaded eraser from a few days back… so it was a big learning curve (which is why I only did his head)… *my husband says I’ll be making my own minis to paint soon. 😀

Yesterday, I attended an online zentangle zoom class, Framed & Cornered, with Eni Oken. I didn’t do the homework before class, oops… which was to have a tangle already on the tile to ‘frame’. So I made a blob string up in the corner to tangle in later… I was clearly inspired by her Gourdeous tile, as well as thinking about Halloween (green/purple color scheme) and a bit of Tim Burton. I worked on the Framing portion during class ~2.5 hours…

…Then most of the class dispersed but there were a few stragglers who stuck around to ask questions and chat… I listened to everyone while I finished the ‘homework’ portion (gourdeous, flux, mooka, tipple, and some echolines) to tie it all together…

After class ended, I continued to work on coloring it, I made you a gif. 🙂

I had to come back after it dried to do some finishing touches, and voilà…

I’m totally counting that as Inking! Hahaha!

I’m feeling a bit queasy again today (thanks perimenopause! >:| ), so we’ll see how far I get on drawing.

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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