Inktober 2020… Quick Check-In (Shelter in Place: Day 216)…

Hey guys!

I thought I’d do quick check-in…

Last night my drawing was still wet, and not quite complete… so I thought I’ll do a touch up and then blog in the morning…

It’s cute, but I feel like the ‘grass’ is too dark and all the elements are too small… and then there is the large swath of nothingness on the bottom…

Then after some thought, I decided to add/alter some elements and I came up with this…

His tail/foot was bothering me, so I fixed that. Now he’s looking at the butterfly, better. And now there is something in the foreground. I’m all ready to ink this one… but I’m hungry, I need to make dinner.

But there was a nagging feeling of needing to blog (since I didn’t yesterday)… so what I’m trying to say is… I’m ok… still working on this one, gonna blog about the new version (hopefully) tomorrow.

Oh, and isn’t this neat?

No pup photos today, cuz I’m getting hangry!

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! šŸ™‚
Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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