Inktober 2020 #7 – Fancy (Shelter in Place: Day 208)…

Hey guys!

Holy moley it’s late!

Today’s Inktober prompt is: Fancy.

Ok, at first I was thinking of just putting a bowtie on Kevin… because I was wanting an easy day, but also realized that it wouldn’t be easy because I would have to figure out what he looked like from a front view. Also if he can put on a bowtie he can help me with the dishes, and the whole thing is his arms are too short and the theme is what CAN he do? So last night, I asked my husband to help me brain storm… he had a GREAT idea — what if Kevin fancied someone?

So as I fell asleep I was thinking of how I could make other imaginary friends (that were probably also T-rexes) and I was thinking I could make the circles that Kevin has on his back into different shapes.

So today I sketched out a handful of imaginary friends. I ended up making their tails a bit different, some rounder, some have three fingers (apparently T-rexes used to have three fingers), just trying to make each one look a bit more unique… it reminds me of Snoopy’s siblings (haha). πŸ™‚

Then I scanned it in and started to try to figure out how to arrange them. I found myself putting them in a circle. Once again asked my husband to help me brainstorm… “was there a game that six friends play in a circle?”, I asked. He said,”what about a campfire?” “Perfect!” So I set about drawing a campfire. Then I wanted to make the background look like it was night, but I didn’t want to fill it up with ink during the inking stage so I mucked around FOREVER and finally came up with making the firelight be the white of the paper. Then I colored the background grey, and printed it out. But the grey was too flat. So I decided to use the brush I made in photoshop to give it grunge… YES! Much better…

Then I printed it out and inked it! Woohoo!

Kevin fancies one of his friends!

Guys… it’s 11pm! Ugh. I’m so tired, I’ve been pushing myself this week, learning loads, but I’m wiped out. I’m gonna take tomorrow off. Also, even though I took photos of the pups today, I’m just too tired to post-process them. I have a boat-load of things I’ve been putting off that really need my attention tomorrow. So I’ll sign off for now and I’ll meet back up with you soon.

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! πŸ™‚
Until next time…

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