Inktober 2020 #4 – Radio (Shelter in Place: Day 205)…

Hey guys!

I had a specific idea I wanted to try for today’s Inktober prompt: Radio. I’m not sure where I’ve seen this before, most likely a comic, but I wanted to do this zooming in on an area by using a circle that kinda looks like a magnifying glass. I think I pulled it off pretty well.

Next I had to try to figure out how you would draw someone snapping with only two fingers, yes you use two fingers, but how do you draw no other fingers. I think it works, my rendering kinda reminds me of a Ren & Stimpy style which is cool in my book.

Here’s my initial concept sketch…

I scanned it in, moved things around, enlarged things, and used the sketch as an underdrawing to create this…

And then I inked the printout…

Kevin CAN snap his fingers and tap his foot to the music on the radio…


Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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