Shelter in Place: Day 181…

Hey guys!

Can you believe that tomorrow marks 6 months of Shelter in Place?!?!

I’m going through my photos and trying to get caught up.

This zentangle was a live online class with Eni Oken back in May, but because the planet felt like a trash fire, circus banners never felt quite right to post. It still feels off, but I wanted to clear out my photo area and so here it is. At the time of the class, I couldn’t think of anything to write in the banners, so I left them blank.

Also, I made you a gif. 🙂

That gif took most of my day to create, and now it’s nearing dinner time, so I’ll have to post again real soon to finish clearing out my photo files.

But no post is complete without some pup pics…

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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