Shelter in Place: Day 36, and Counting…

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I was able to attend another Live online Zentangle class by Eni Oken. This time we did a Zendala (Zentangle in a circle, rather than a square) with the Art Raffle app. Tangles used: Fan String, Freeform Knot-JaySix, Rixty, Dangling Terminals-Zinger, Patena, Crazy Huggins, and Paradox. Also, I made you a gif 🙂

In other news:

Many of my longtime readers know how much trouble I’ve been having sleeping the last few years (thanks, perimenopause!), but this past month it’s been a bit worse. So I’m pretty sure all of the stupid sh*t that I’ve done this month is due to being tired/not enough sleep/zombie brained. I’ve injured myself 3 times, and just plain out-of-it-ness the other two times…

Stupid sh*t I’ve done during shelter-in-place:

  • Nearly cut finger while chopping vegetables, luckily the blade was stopped by my nail!
  • Forgot my arm was still in the pantry when I closed the door, and scraped my wrist with the door corner.
  • Accidentally poured my sugar in the teabag trash instead of my mug! O.o
  • While trying to stop all.the.things falling out of the medicine cabinet, slammed my palm into the mirror/door cutting my palm — everything fell out anyway 😦
  • Became so focused on processing photos that when a timer went off, I had already forgotten that I was cooking… the timer was only set for 7 min!

Yoga and Zentangle are helping me to mitigate my zombie brain mishaps…
I’ve been doing yoga nearly every morning to help calm my nerves (Yoga with Adriene), but I can get distracted during yoga rather easily, whereas with Zentangle I have to concentrate more to keep my mind quiet. If your mind wanders, then you make a stray mark, which forces you to refocus on the piece. Since ‘there are no mistakes’ in Zentangle, you now have to try to integrate that stray mark into what you are doing, hopefully staying mindful and focused as you continue, as to not make more stray marks. It helps you to quiet your mind.

Here’s hoping I get better sleep and do less stupid sh*t in the future!

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂
Until next time…

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