Shelter in Place: Banana Enthusiast…

Hey guys!
It’s been a weird couple of days…
Yesterday, I started the morning taking some really cute photos of the pups getting bananas! Then the day got away from me and I didn’t get to process the photos. But I was able to process them today, here are two gifs, and a couple of singles of my favorite shots…

Checking the camera’s exposure,

I caught Penny drinking and her spit fangs dripping off her…

Spit fangs


“Oh Yeah!”

Duke is a social banana eater, in that, he only eats it because Penny is so excited about it he’s afraid he’s missing something if he doesn’t eat it too. But I have to squish it between my fingers and give him just a bit at a time… meanwhile Penny would eat a whole banana if it was offered (which I never have, because I’m afraid that is just too much banana at once)…


Duke is so gentle, check out that FOCUS from Penny!

Weird, Weird World

Today, I replaced the battery in the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm but it still continued to beep/chirp. I filled in a maintenance request and was asked to put my alarm outside my door. We put post-it notes on the old battery, and indicated that the new battery was in the alarm and left it beeping on the porch. We could hear the beeping, and poor Penny was so freaked out by the sound (even though it was downstairs and outside), she wouldn’t eat her banana! So of course, I took a photo of my sweet little girl apparently broken, she has NEVER refused banana, it was so sad! Luckily, the maintenance guy came around, we could hear him fiddling with the alarm outside thru various beeping and then he left with our alarm… a little while later he came back with a new one… then he came inside to reinstall it. Such a weird time we live in, we put on our cloth masks and the maintenance guy had on his mask, and then I held back the dogs… it was a weird experience.

“Beeping is scary”

I have a couple of other cute photos as well…

And this one is of Penny asking to go out while I’m texting my mother-in-law…

In other news:

My husband showed me a Kickstarter that he thought I might be interested in… Cognitive Drawing: Learn to Draw The Male Figure by Jason Brubaker. At first, I wasn’t sure, but I looked into it and it is really neat. It is a different way of teaching how to draw, a cognitive learning technique called Testing Effect. You look at a reference for just a few seconds, then you cover it up and try to draw from memory (test #1), then you look at the reference compare your drawing then draw from the reference (ref #1), then cover it again and draw from memory (test #2), again you compare and then draw again from reference (ref #2), then one last time you draw from memory (test #3). This method is supposed to help you not only improve, but remember long term as well. Jason Brubaker has a free pdf and a little video of the first lesson, so I thought I’d give it a try, it is of an eye… here’s my attempt on a couple of post-it notes…

Jason Brubaker

I, obviously, backed this Kickstarter. 🙂

That’s all I have for now.
Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂

Until next time…

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