Shelter in Place: Quick Checkin…

Hey guys!

Just a quick check-in… I haven’t been doing as much art as I thought I would… time slips away so easily right now… I seem to be either stressed out about what food to make next so that I make it in the order of expiration so that it will last the longest — super stressful for some reason; staring at the news; or hiding from it all watching streaming video. It’s hard to concentrate on anything for any length of time.

But I have worked on *some* art… I drew another zentangle tile similar to my last post with the tangles 3D printemps and toodles… I think the 3D came out a bit better this time… I should probably spend some time shading it…

Also I’ve repainted Dot, I had to repaint her several times because she kept printing out too dark… I think she’s good now. I’ll put her up in the Redbubble store soon…

That’s all the show-and-tell I have for now.

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands! 🙂

Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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