Urban Details… (Zentangle)

Hey guys,

I’ve been feeling pulled in a thousand different directions lately… I meant to post this, wow, almost a week ago… heh.

I attended an online class (Urban Details), on November 29th, where we went to Italy (virtually) and then drew a portion of the ceiling of the Pisa Cathedral, but with a zentangle twist.  I’m a member of Eni Oken’s Art Club so I decided to attend, and I had fun.

Here’s what I was able to draw in class…

Then I finished it later that night…

I’ve been working on coloring more of my Inktober monsters… but it feels like lately every post is a plug for my store… which feels weird. I’m clearly not in marketing, because I’m very out of my comfort level with all this stuff. But I thought I’d mention that I have colored in Cousin Whatchamacallit and Mr. Warheads… they are not yet up in my store… I had to fiddle and noodle with the colors after the first print, I think I’m ready to spend some time getting them ready for the store soon.

Until then, PUPPIES! Because, puppies. 🙂

Until next time…

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