Inktober 2019, Day 31 (Happy Halloween!)…

RIP roll

Happy Halloween!  Today’s monster #31 is a mummy!  My style seemed to change a bit for this guy, I guess I over thought it a bit… last year it was pretty blocky, this year I tried to give it a bit of flare with loose bandage strips and altered his shape just a bit.  I think because you can’t see the silly expression like the previous 30 monsters it looks a bit like a different style?  Not sure, but I decided to give him the candy name RIP roll… apparently there is a candy called rip roll and I thought the RIP was fitting… ahahaha 🙂


I tried to get a bit artsy with the photography today… I wanted to show the 31 cards that I now have…

When I started this at the beginning of the month, I wasn’t really sure I could draw last years’ monsters again… somehow it didn’t feel like I had drawn them, and then not having been able to find time to work with them for a year, I really wasn’t confident in my abilities… Thank you Inktober, for giving me my confidence back and giving me the opportunity not only to visit these guys again, but to alter them into better versions of themselves. 🙂

31 candy names:

  1. Redvines
  2. Dot
  3. Marsha Mallow
  4. Cousin Whatchamacallit
  5. Mr. Warheads
  6. Tootsie-Kiss
  7. Cotton Candy
  8. Nerds
  9. Dove
  10. Sour S’ghetti
  11. S.Daddy Caramel
  12. Saltwater Taffy
  13. Reese’s Cup
  14. Turtle
  15. Chunky
  16. Candy Corn
  17. Toblerone
  18. KitKat
  19. York
  20. Andes
  21. Lolli
  22. Fruit Stripe
  23. FreshenUp
  24. RedHots
  25. Lemon Drop
  26. Squirrel Nut Zipper
  27. Buttermint Cream
  28. Pez
  29. Curly Wurly
  30. Jelly Bean
  31. RIP roll

Until next time…

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