Inktober 2019, Days 29 & 30…

I’m jumping ahead today, because tomorrow I don’t think I’ll get a chance to draw. Wow, guys it’s almost the end of the month!

For today’s monster #29… I decided to give him a new face… I just didn’t like him much last year, and I think it was because the face didn’t really go with the shape of the body… I had fun trying out a few new faces… I think this one is pretty cute…

Tomorrow’s monster #30 is a cutie, but I decided to change her body shape from such an obvious a half circle and rectangle to more of a bowling pin shape…

Candy names are hard… I think I’m loosing it… I’ve decided to name #29 Curly Wurly… 1. because of the curves on his tortoise shell, 2. because I already have a Turtle, and 3. because it’s funny for the expression he is making. Hahaha! For #30, Jelly Bean comes to mind, she is sorta that shape… ugh… like I said, naming is hard. Monster #31 is gonna be really hard to name, but I’ve got a little while to think about it.

Until next time…

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