Inktober 2019, Day 24…

I forgot to look for a candy name for this one… I’ll have to do that soon. But monster #24 is one that I did like from last year, unfortunately, I think I overthought this one and I like last year’s sketch better than any I did today. Oh well. I guess it was because I realized I didn’t know what I had intended those knobs on his legs to be… knees? socks? ankles? and when I drew him from 3/4 angle those knobs became a problem, since I didn’t know what they were… I decided they were ankles, but the looked cuter last year some how…

I’ve been feeling pulled in many directions today, so that may have also affected my drawing today… but I’m ok with it. I can always redraw him if I want.

The pups were looking really cute getting their sunbeams today, so I pestered them with my cell camera…

Until next time…

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