Inktober 2019, Days 18 & 19…

The project that I have put off until it is a giant gorilla on my back that I mentioned in my last post has a significant dent in it, but it still needs time put towards it. So even though I want to draw more today, I’m not sure if I’ll find the time… I was able to squeeze in an hour and play with monsters #18 & 19 though… I really like these guys… one is an owl-cat? and the other reminds me of the Mr. Hyde Tweety bird.

I tried to imagine them from a 3/4 angle… thinking about the shapes that make them; trapazoid and circle for the owl-cat and two half circles for Hyde-Tweety… by the way I’ve thought of some candy names for these two… KitKat and York (peppermint patty)… I suspect that is the look on my face when I bite into a York, haha. 🙂

Until next time…

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