Inktober 2019, Day 11 &12…

Thursday was not a good day… so Friday I decided to take a break and work on other things. The day off was nice, and some of the pressure that I didn’t realize I had, was lifted. Today, I did a little zentangle, and then drew the monsters for days 11 and 12… they don’t have names. Also my computer is having some issues, so my current blogging set up is a bit different, so I’m only posting one photo to keep it simple.

I have no idea what candy goes with a kraken-boat, and a fuzzy-candy-cane-nosed monster. Candy-cane seems wrong somehow for a Halloween themed candy fest. I guess the tentacles of the kraken could be like licorice rope? I’m seeing why the naming idea went out the window last year, heh.

Anyway, I should be going, and see if I can get my computer back to normal.

Until next time…

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