Inktober 2019, Day 3…

Today’s odd question to ask yourself… What does a marshmallow person look like from the side?

I worked on Marsha Mallow today, and had a bit of fun trying to figure out what she might look like from the side… of course she had a little rump, and from the front you know she has an hourglass figure… I wanted to keep the front flat enough to look semi-realistic … well, as realistic as a marshmallow person could be.  Does she only have one hand?  Hard to tell… but I imagined that she was waving with her right hand and the left hand was just resting at the side, not seen in the front view.  It’s all still pretty new to me, but I’m having fun trying to imagine what these monsters from last year might look like in 3D.

Also since this blog started out being about playing with photography and I’ve let that slip since Scarlett passed away*, I played around with bouncing light on silver reflectors.

I had to remind myself to gather some puppy pictures, for the last two posts, I remembered right as I hit publish. PUPPIES!!!….

Until next time…

*Going out and taking photos with Scarlett by my side was easy peasy, I could even take my tripod, she would lay down and watch while I concentrated on whatever grabbed my fancy, raindrops, bees, etc.  With Duke & Penny, they are still so young and energetic that I’m just hanging on while they walk me!  No possibilities to take pictures of raindrops on flowers with these two.  But we’ll get there eventually. 🙂

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