Inktober 2019, Day 2…

Yesterday, I was a bit nervous and shaky when I was drawing… it had been awhile since I had picked up a pen to draw. Much less a drawing I had planned to post on my blog. But then I realized that I was doing it wrong… I mean, I thought I had told myself it was for me, but I found myself checking to see if anyone liked what I had done, since it was the same characters as last year.

Then it dawned on me… this challenge isn’t for you, the reader, it’s for me… for me to take time out of my day to improve. I mean, of course, I want you to like it, but if what I have at the end of the day is crap, so what, hopefully I learned from it. And if it is something that bores my reader, well, that too is not important… what IS important is that I create a better habit and that I try to improve my drawing skills. So the same characters will continue as last year, because I want to revisit them.


So that said, last night I redrew Redvines while watching Twitch, and it occurred to me that I really like drawing a bit smaller than I did in the drawings I did earlier. The bigger paper had me wanting to fill the white space, but I think I do better smaller. Because my Redvines in smaller form looked better, plus there was no pressure, so of course I did better.

Today, I took that knowledge and tried to loosen up as well. Plus, I like Dot, so she was fun to revisit.

I decided to play around with what she might look like from the side… I didn’t have much to work with since she is basically feet, one eye and pineapple hair… but she is still cute.  Today went well and I had fun… I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Until next time…

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