The Next Eight (Well, Two Actually)…

Hey guys, it’s been awhile… I have recently come to realize that with age, comes presbyopia aka “gettin’ old”… or more accurately, things near aren’t as in focus anymore and you find yourself holding small print at arms length — which is totally the opposite of what you feel you should do to see it more clearly. Anyway, I’m now trying to get used to progressive lenses. I haven’t needed to wear glasses, so beyond trying to get used to the oddity of looking in different parts of the glasses for different distances, my brain keeps telling me to take off my sunglasses inside (which, of course, they are not sunglasses, they are regular glasses).

Anywho… I’ve had them a little over a week and am still getting used to them… on the plus side… the glasses’s magnification for near distance plus my magnifying glass has made some of the miniature painting a bit easier. 🙂

I’ve only finished two of the next set of eight, but because I apparently *love* change, we are moving again and I need to start that process before I can get back to painting. Which also means I’ll probably be a bit absent on the blog for a few weeks.

Enjoy (click to enlarge)…

Until next time…

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