Finding Zen…

When I was in college, I used to do (oil) paint-by-number during finals week. It drove my roommate crazy, she couldn’t fathom taking a break from study… I, on the other hand, *needed* a mental break now and then. About a week ago, my husband and I were watching a painting miniatures YouTube video and it occurred to both of us that this is something I would really enjoy. So I ordered two paint sets and a brush set. The paint is water-based acrylic, which is awesome because I won’t have to deal with turpentine like I did in college. We thought about all the miniatures in our board games that I could paint and it is a lot… so I will have lots of miniatures to choose from.

The Owlbear and the Minsc & Boo (Boo is a small hamster on his shoulder) miniatures came with the two paint sets. The zombie lady came from the game Zombicide… click to enlarge. Enjoy! 😀

Yes, you do need a magnifying glass for the details… I purchased a 2x with a 5x loupe.

I also had a bit of fun playing with my macro lenses again 😀
Until next time…

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