Just a little check-in to let you know I’m still around.

I’ve been trying to figure out where my time has gone, and all I can figure is that we are slowly trying to convert our physical books to ebooks (while deciding if we really want to still own said book)… it’s slow going and the house is full of piles of books to be donated to a library. This is our reaction to how difficult it was to move 60+ boxes of books when we moved a few months ago. Once we seriously looked into ebooks, it became a huge project of downsizing our apartment.

I have been trying to find pockets of time to draw… these little zentangles were drawn in January…

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Checking-in…

    • I guess ‘converting’ was a bit of a misnomer… we are going though our books deciding which ones are definite keepers in physical form, then the ones we want in ebook form we put in our kindle wishlist on amazon waiting to see if the prices drop… if the ebook is $3 or less we go ahead and purchase the kindle version. For the graphic novels, we are looking into comixology. For the cookbooks, I have put all the ones that are available via kindle in a wishlist, and the ones that I have purchased I have added bookmarks and recipe notes on the kindle. The real trouble is when to release the physical books… if they are in the wishlist, but not yet purchased, do we go ahead and donate them? Or do we hang on to them until we have purchased them all? Now there are piles of books with various meanings (keep, purchased ebook, in wishlist, can’t find in ebook – but still want to keep, and of course, no longer want/need piles) everywhere. I’m sure there is an easier way, but just purchasing them all outright in ebook form is a bit expensive, hence, putting them in a wishlist and watching the price fluctuate until it’s a price we can live with. Hope that helps. 🙂

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