Inktober 2018 (Days 26-30)…

I’m still catching up with Inktober, I drew four more monsters in my sketchbook, and added six more line art monsters to my final page.  I think I was running out of creative energy because I’m not so sure about monster #29, heh.  As for monster #30, I actually drew him a few days before Inktober to see if a really weird shape was possible… I was trying to figure out what to do with his arms and whether or not to put him in clothes… I think I like the first attempt best… anyway…

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Day 26 – Crazy eyes and horns, this guy is cute!  The shape is an hourglass rectangle.
  • Day 27 – One-eyed ghost?  Super cute!  The shape is a circle and a triangle.
  • Day 28 – What is this guy?  A building?  I don’t know, but those eyes are cute! The shape is a rectangle and a square.
  • Day 29 – I’m not sure about this one… a Gollum turtle?  The shape is a half circle and a circle.
  • Day 30 – This one is a cutie, those expressive eyebrows, I think the first one is the one I’ll use.  The shape is a half circle and a rectangle.

The story so far…




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Until next time…

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