Inktober 2018 (Days 17-23)…

I’m still a few days behind on Inktober, but I’m catching up, I had a long block of time last night where I was feeling pretty creative…

I’ve sketched out some ideas, and some have made it to the final page… here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Day 17 – I’m still on the fence with this one… a half circle and a trapazoid… kinda like oscar the grouch
  • Day 18 – I love this one… trapazoid and a circle… my little owl-cat 😀
  • Day 19 – I love this one too… two half circles… kinda reminds me of Jekyll and Hyde Tweety Bird 😛
  • Day 20 – Hee hee, this one’s cute… trapazoid and square… a bit of a Frankenstein (my husband likes the squaty one more than the tall one)
  • Day 21 – This one’s cute… this is an odd shape, a bell maybe? … little fairy
  • Day 22 – This one’s cute too… a rectangle and a triangle… robot octopus?
  • Day 23 – This one’s silly… another odd shape, a perfume bottle?… a rounded rectangle and a square… square-head pineapple hair

The story so far…

practice sheet


Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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