Inktober 2018 (Day 5) – Mr. Warheads…

Inktober, day five… today’s shape is a rectangle.  For the ink, I used momiji (autumn leaves, crimson) with both a Maru (mapping) soft nip and a G nib.

I wanted to draw sucker-like fingers, so I looked up frog’s feet.  I also remembered that monsters don’t have to have two eyes, so I gave him five. I love that my husband suggested the tie, which, by the way, is why this monster is a Mister.

Once I got to the trial drawing page, I realized I had to switch his legs and arms… I also realized his foot would be at a different angle.  Enjoy! 😀

As I stated yesterday, I asked my husband to help me name all the monsters, he suggested naming them after candy. 😀

Until next time…

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