Practice, Practice, Experiment, Practice…

I’m preparing for Inktober… I ordered several dip inks in Autumn colors. I did these practice drawings in Midnight Blue in the same brand as I ordered. Now I’m trying to find a paper that can handle the ink (i.e. doesn’t feather the ink)… while I’m experimenting with various papers, I’m also practicing drawing monsters… I call this guy…

Marshmallow Man

The hot press watercolor definitely did a much better job of not feathering… the blue is much darker, almost black, though… I wonder how the other colors will do… I guess I’ll find out in October when my order arrives… I am excited about Inktober! 🙂

A bit of backstory…

My husband and I backed a kickstarter called Drawing Monsters with Melvin and Me. I thought it would be fun to learn how to draw monsters, so we backed it. Now I have the book and have been practicing a bit… my idea for Inktober is to do monsters all month long in Autumn colors… originally I wanted to put them all on the same page, so I’ll have to see what sizes hot press watercolor paper comes in.

Anyway, here are my first attempts at drawing monsters… I scanned them in and then colored them digitally. Enjoy! 🙂

I accidentally saved them as pdf from the scanner so the image turned out rather small. On the plus side, I was able to color them quickly, so practice was much easier… AND I learned what not to do when I scan in my drawings, hopefully I won’t make that mistake again. 😛

Until next time…

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