Happy One Year Gotcha Day, Duke & Penny (part 2)…

These guys are just too cute!  Penny is very food driven and gets overly excited quickly… as you can see from the photos, haha!  Duke is a little more reserved, and very belly-rub motivated… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his over-excited moments, he can get into the zoomy-mode and run around the house at top speed.

Anyway, Penny started out a bit suspicious, her default mode, then realized that there was banana cake to be had…  Meanwhile, Duke was excited but reserved…

I made 6 banana cupcake/muffins… enough for three days (they shared a muffin and I shared a muffin w/ my husband).  The second day, I gave them their muffin separately, I’ll post the photos in part 3, and the third day I didn’t take photos and paid attention to my fingers a bit more, heh.  I’ve also been experimenting with art and need to process and post those soon.

Did you miss part 1?

Until next time…

P.S.  For those interested, I made a vegan banana cake, from scratch, baked in a muffin tin… I omitted the sugar and the nuts.

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