Happy One Year Gotcha Day, Duke & Penny (part 1)…

Oh man, where does the time keep going?

A few weeks ago we celebrated Duke & Penny’s 1 year Gotcha Day!  I made a banana cake and took photos 😀  I still need to process those photos, but I have a few other photos of the pups to share today.

I purchased a bow-tie for Duke…

And some butterflies for Penny…

I managed to tweak my back on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning my back was telling me, “nope”.  So I laid back down and the pups were my nurses while I took a little nap and gave my back a break…

The pups are usually not allowed on the bed, but seriously, how can you resist that?  Also it was really comforting and I think it helped 😀

I was feeling better as each day passed this week, my back is still a bit sore, kinda like residual pain… I suspect I’ll be right as rain in a few days.

It took a little while to process those photos and sitting for long periods of time in my desk chair does remind me that my back is not fully healed, so I’ll have to process the other photos soon.  I also have some drawings and experiments to share.

Until next time…

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