Learning Continues…

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time working on a few digital projects.  It took me a while to figure out a few things and the project below went through quite a few iterations before I was happy with it.  While I toiled with this project I figured out quite a bit about how to get my Wacom and GIMP to work together (pen pressure, etc.)  and now I’m feeling quite a bit more informed. 🙂

Since I started with a photo from my phone of the grey shaded image that I showed you in my last post I had a lot of work to get around, and hopefully I’ve learned my lesson that I should scan in my art when it is only line art then I can play around with physical media to color it and I can easily color it digitally as well.  In fact, I was having such a hard time with this piece that I almost abandoned the idea of getting it digital.  But one day I created another piece of art and scanned it in as only line art and the ability to get rid of the background was super easy… somehow that gave me the courage to just keep working on this piece because I liked it so much.

Here’s the second piece of artwork…

Both are now available as various items in my RedBubble store. 😀


Until next time…

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