Freedom to Experiment…

I’m still catching up on all.the.things… but I start to crave drawing if I am away from it for too long.

I recently watched Eni Oken’s Art Club video on tangleing over watercolor… originally I just wanted to practice the line work not intending to color it… but then I did want to color it… now that I’ve had to really work it to get it just right, I see the wisdom in painting the background first, then the line work.  All in all, I got it to where I wanted it and I learned along the way, and really that is what is most important. 😀  Enjoy…


I made a little gif of the process…  I lost a lot of the detail after adding the white colored pencil so I tried to get it back with a blue gel pen, I also eventually had to go back in with the original brown pen to get some of my line work back…  Then, after adding the ‘sparkle’ of the white gel pen it seem like way too much and more messy than highlighted, so I scraped the gel pen off and redid the areas with a less opaque and smaller nib white gel pen, then I felt it needed some warmth — so I added a bit of yellow to the highlighted areas…

Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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