Jury Duty…

Wow guys, I’ve been away for a little while… I received a jury summons 3 weeks before I had to show up and was stressed out just with the thought of it.  Then once I arrived, it took two days to pick the jurors… of course, I was picked.  I spent 6 days downtown (with a weekend in the middle) and then at least 2 days decompressing…. basically for 10 days I have been a ball of stress.

You’ve heard of the tortured artist haven’t you?  Well, I think it might be true… my most stressful days are apparent in my art… you be the judge.

Here’s a little look into my mind from March 1 thru March 15th (my jury selection started on March 7th)…

Maybe it’s just me, but I can see my mind working in these tiles… but perhaps it’s like the artist that sees all the details of their emotions and all anyone else sees is a canvas covered in blue… 😛

Before Jury Summons Date — March 1


Waiting to hear my name called — March 7 — I couldn’t decide which pattern to do, and my patterns start to get small and my hand was hurting from holding the pen so tight.


Case wrapping up and deliberations — March 12-14 — My hand was shaking a bit doing this, the filling in of the black spaces was really calming.


Decompressing the week — March 14-15 — All the discussion of the week still brewing under the surface.

Until next time…

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