Pupdate & Hummingbirds…

Today was officially the day Penny could run and play… we’ve actually been gradually having her climb the stairs for the last two weeks (since that was in the 6-8 week range)… which she isn’t a fan of — given that she’s been carried up the stairs for nearly 5 months I don’t blame her! Haha 😀  Yesterday there was some sprinting and I think the pups really enjoyed it.  Soon we’ll have to find some time to go to a fenced-in park and play chuck-it or something.



I’ve also been playing with my camera again… now that it’s not longer wasp and spider season I have put out my hummingbird feeders… the hummingbirds seem to really appreciate that they are back.  I figured it was a new generation by now so I had to introduce my camera to them slowly.  I played around with two of my cameras and found that I really missed the ‘real’ camera (the canon).  My nikon is happiest in auto mode and it just wasn’t giving me the control I wanted/needed with such a fast subject… plus to be fair, I’m really out of practice.  I probably haven’t properly taken photos in about a year.

Anyway… enjoy…

Until next time…

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